1. Grilled Mozzarella Cheese

(Slice of cheese served with chili sauce)

2. Prawn Cocktail

(Negombo lagoon prawn served with cocktail sauce)

3. Cheese Toast

(Melted cheese on the toast bread)

4. Garlic Toast

(Homemade garlic butter spade on toast bread)

5. Calamari Rings

(Served with spicy tomato dip)


1. Negombo Sea King Prawn Salad

(Prawn, lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, tossed with vinaigrette)

2. Avenra Caesar Salad

(Ice burg, Caesar dressing, black olive, parmesan cheese, croutons with chicken)

3. Chef Salad

(Carrot, beans, chicken, ham, beef, egg, cheese, with thousand island sauce)

4. Sri Lankan style Crunchy vegetable salad

(Cucumber, pineapple, tomato, onion, lettuce, and carrot tossed with mayonnaise)

5. Roasted Beef Salad

(Roasted beef, bell pepper, onion, cucumber, green olive tossed with mayonnaise)


1. Avenra Special Seafood Soup

(Suitable For Two Person)

2. Cream of Mushroom

3. Cream of Chicken

4. Chicken & Vegetable Broth

5. Cream of Vegetable


1. Avenra Club Sandwich

(Lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, ham, beef, chicken, bacon & egg with white or brown bread)

2. USA Chicken Sandwich

(Mustard marinated grilled chicken with white bread, served with chip and Cole slaw)

3. Healthy Multi grain Tuna Sandwich

(Multigrain bread with tuna, tomato & lettuce)

4. Healthy Multigrain Tuna Sandwich

(Multigrain Bread  with Tuna, Tomato and Lettuce)

5. Cheese Burger (Beef or Chicken)

(Lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise, Swiss cheese on beef or chicken Pattie)

6. B.L.T Sandwich

(Bacon, lettuce, tomato, with white bread)

7. Cheese & Tomato Sandwich

(Cheese & tomato with white bread)


1. Avenra seafood platter

(Seer fish, calamari, prawn, crab, served with hot tomato sauce, French fries, saffron rice)

2. Daren of seer

(Crumbed, grilled, steam, served with steamed rice, boiled vegetable, garlic coriander sauce)    

3. Seafood chopsuey

(Served with rice or noodles)

4. Grilled Jumbo Prawn

(Served with dimple of rice, vegetable salad, hot garlic lemon butter sauce)

5. Battered /Hot Battered Prawn

6. Battered / Hot Battered Cuttlefish

7. Devilled Prawn

8. Devilled Cuttlefish

9. Devilled Fish

10. Tempered Fried Fish

11. Fish Stew

12. Mixed Seafood Devilled

(serve with Garlic Butter Sauce) Extra Each 100g (Rs.600.00) will Charge)

(All Grilled & BBQ Items Will Take 30 Minutes for Preparations)


1. Pan fried rosemary chicken

(Marinated grilled chicken served with boiled vegetable, chips & rosemary gravy)

2. Garlic flavored fried chicken

(Served with French fries chili sauce)

3. Grilled chicken breast

(Served with boiled vegetable, homemade potato wedges or steam rice)

4. Arabic style chicken kebab

(Marinated with Arabic spice served with French fries and green salad)

5. Devilled chicken

6. Chicken stew

7. Tempered fried chicken

8. Chicken chopsuey

(Served with rice or noodles)

(All Grilled & BBQ Items Will Take 30 Minutes for Preparations)


1. Mint Flavored Grilled Lamb Chop

(Served With Mash Potato, Boiled Vegetable and Mint Sauce)

2. Prime Beef Steak

(Served With Mash Potato, Buttered Vegetable & Peppercorn Sauce)

3. BBQ Pork Chop

(Grilled Tomato, Pineapple, Seasonal Vegetable, Potato Wedges Served With Pepper Sauce)

4. Sicilian Mixed Grilled

(Chicken, Beef, Pork, Chicken Sausage Served With Chips Salad)

5. Mixed Meat Chopsuey

(Pork, Lamb, Beef, Vegetable Served With Rice or Noodles)

6. Devilled Beef / Pork

7. Fried Beef / Pork

8. Stew Beef / pork

(All Grilled & BBQ Items Will Take 30 Minutes for Preparations)


1. Spaghetti, Penne, Macaroni




1. Egg Fried Rice or Egg Fried Noodles

2. Chicken fried rice or Chicken fried noodles

3. Seafood Fried Rice or Seafood Fried Noodles

4. Mixed Fried Rice or Mixed Fired Noodles

5. Nasi goreng Seafood

6. Nasi goreng mixed

7. Nasi goreng Chicken

8. Mee goreng Seafood

9. Mee goreng mixed

10. Mee goreng Chicken

11. Biriyani



1. Melted cheese & ham sandwich

2. Mini hot dog

3. Chicken nuggets

4. Fish finger

(Crumbed fried fish finger served with chips)

5. Avenra kids burger

(Beef or chicken)

6. Creamy penne pasta

(Creamy penne pasta served with parmesan cheese)


1. Batter Fried Mushrooms

2. Tempura Vegetables

3. Garlic with Kankum

4. Grilled herb Vegetables

5. Devilled Cashew Nuts

6. French Fries

7. Potato Wedges

8. Chicken & Cheese Cutlet


1. Hazelnutsoufflé

(Hazelnut meringue with orange sauce)

2. Vanilla cream Brule

(Baked egg York with milk and cream with vanilla flavor)

3. Vanilla panna cotta serve raspberry cousils

(Cooked cream with sugar & gelatin)

4. Chocolate fudge cake

(Rich Chocolate Sponge with Ganache)

5. Choice of ice cream

(Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry)

6. Passion Fruit Marinated Fruit Salad

(Fresh Cut Mixed Fruits Marinated With Passion Fruit)

7. French caramel bar

(Buttered milk cake layer with coffee caramel cream)

8. Warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

(Chive crunchy cake with mixed nuts and vanilla ice cream)

9. Baked cheese cake with strawberry cousil

(Crunchy biscuit base with creamy cheese filling)

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